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Ed Welton


Joetta Presley

Executive Secretary

Crystal Williams

Customer Service Rep

Samantha Parks

File Clerk

Steve Rush

Safety Code Enforcement Officer - Area 30

Larry Stewart

Safety Code Enforcement Officer - Area 50

Greg Counts

Safety Code Enforcement Officer - Area 60

Nicholas Nadeau

Safety Code Enforcement Officer - Area 40

Board Members

Bill Ballard


Serving the Southeast District out of Stratford, Oklahoma.

6-30-17 (Appointment Expires)

Phone: 580-759-2231

Kevin Huddleston


Serving the Central District out of Mustang, Oklahoma.

9-30-15 (Appointment Expires)

Phone: 405-376-2407

Greg Baker

Board Member

Serving the Northeast District out of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

6-30-14 (Appointment Expires)

Phone: 405-372-3367

Travis Lamborn

Board Member

Serving as a supplier out of Jenks, Oklahoma.

6-30-18 (Appointment Expires)

Phone: 405-240-4421

David Root

Board Member

Serving the Southwest District out of Canute, Oklahoma.

6-30-16 (Appointment Expires)

Phone: 580-472-3115

Kyle Clayton

Board Member

Serving the Northwest District out of Chester, Oklahoma.

7-01-18 (Appointment Expires)

Phone: 580-334-4148

Ron Justice

Board Member

Serving as Consumer Advocate out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

6-30-18 (Appointment Expires)

Phone: 405-203-4573